Honda Pan-European ST1300A6  
Honda Pan European
ST1300A6 with ABS


I'm experimenting with a new layout and easier navigation system, with colours that are a little more subdued. The main menu stays on the left side of the screen, along with the submenu for your main menu selection. This makes it much easier to get go to a different section of the site. The bottom level menu appears on the right hand side. The site is designed to work in a variety of screen configurations, but I use 1280 x 1024. I'm still adding the ST1300 part of the site. I've had the ST1300 from new since April 2007 and I love it. (2006 model with 07 plates). I still wish it was as silky smooth as the ST1100AY, but I do not regret the move from the 1100. After 50,000 miles, nothing has gone wrong with it, and it is just starting to feel nicely run in.

Identical in colour to my 1100AY, this too is Candy Glory Red. Its deeper tones in this photo are a trick of the light. (Nov 2011)


These pages are merely a personal record of maintaining a Honda ST1300.
Anyone carrying out similar work should acquaint themselves with the official, correct procedures or employ the services of a qualified technician.

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