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Camping with a Honda Pan European
Fully Loaded - Viewed From Left

The ST1300, fully loaded for the next leg of the trip. At this stage I was still experimenting with a system which worked very well on the ST1100. The tent is strapped to the left handrail with two straps. The long orange strap goes under the top box rack and the holds a similar sized stuff bag on the right pannier. This strap pulls the stuff bags into the side of the top box, and keeps the view in the mirror clear enough.

The Baglux tank bra is nice - butthe Baglux bag interferes with the full lock position, which I tend to use more when I'm slow manoeuvring on camp sites. The Oxford Sports bag is much more usable, and here is shown with various straps to hold it in place. The bag itself contains the stuff needed during the day, the stove and fuel in the base, and the food for the next day.

The Garmin Zumo is in its temporary position attached to a RAM ball mount on the clutch lever clamp. Shortly after this trip I moved it to a permanent mount on top of the fairing, under the wind shield. Much better.

The seat is a Corbin. Heated. The lead that you can see on the rider's seat is for the Autocom communication link with the pillion.

The little bit of 0.5 inch plywood under the side stand is cut to shape to fit vertically inside the left fairing pocket.

The loading seems pretty horrendous - but the total combined weight is just within the load limit for the bike, and the Pan seems to handles it extremely well - and the stuff which is bulky is quite light. The heaviest stuff is in the panniers. I'm 6'4" and the tank bag rests quite comfortable against my chest. It forces a slightly more upright riding position than normal - which for longer rides is no bad thing. After the first few hundred yards, I don't notice it.

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