Honda Pan European - 1996 ST1100T Standard
Shock Absorber Mounting Points
Last MOT was passed OK - but the chap checking it out commented that the bushes needed re-greasing. Easy job - except that when you clean something up like this, it occupies much less space than it did before. So now there's a bit of vertical play at both ends.

The bolts aren't standard and require the proper Honda parts. It isn't possible to replace the bushes - without risking damage to the shock absorber itself. New bolts almost do the trick, but there's still a little play, which I take up with a shim sleeve.

  Impossible to try and keep clean. It is mostly hidden when the panniers are on, I always give it a liberal coating of grease.  It attracts the muck and looks filthy all of the time, but no-one ever sees and it cleans up a treat at the end of Winter.

The lower bolt screws into a thread in the swinging arm frame. Torque setting is surprisingly small - do not over-tighten. I like things to feel tight - but this bolt doesn't feel tight when using a torque wrench, because of the long arm. I had to convince myself it was OK really by feeling the tightness with an ordinary spanner.

The top bolt in the picture is for the upper mounting. The bottom bolt is for the lower mounting point. Easily removed and easily greased. Mine had never been looked at in all previous services, and were showing signs of play - once I had cleaned them up. I fitted new ones.


These pages relate to my first bike after a 17 year lay-off. Bought in 2000 with 28,000 miles on the clock. Traded in for a 2000AY version in Sep 2003 with 60,000 miles on the clock. The pages were intended to provide information to a prospective buyer, but are maintained here as information for anyone who may be interested.

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