Honda Pan-European ST1100AY  
Honda Pan European ST1100AY

Brakes can stick when not looked after. Rusting around the pistons prevent them from returning after being applied, the discs get hot and can even acquire a blue tinge. It should be possible to rotate the wheels easily after the brakes have been applied hard at standstill. (The brakes will catch slightly, but should not present any significant resistance).

This Pan. Brakes are clean, well maintained and operate freely. Rear brake had to be overhauled about 1000 miles ago when the hexagonal socket in the retaining pin rounded off, and couldn't be removed without applying heat. In order to do this, pistons were removed and refitted with new seals. Rear disc is just 3,000 miles old. Front brake seals are fine and disks are a way off their wear limit.

Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the front brakes while the mudguard and protective shroud was removed.


These pages relate to a bike which I owned, rode and serviced from when I bought it at 19,300 miles to when I sold it at 70,100 miles. The pages were intended to provide information to a prospective buyer, but are maintained here as information for anyone who may be interested.

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