Honda Pan-European ST1100AY  
Honda Pan European ST1100AY
Photo Gallery

The white on the bottom of the front forks is reflection from the flash !

Clean, not bad for 70,000 miles. Fairing has a full deflector kit


There is no secret about the registration, I just dont think it is wise to make such information available to the whole wide world!

ABS Console. 70,000 miles.
The ragged edge at the bottom of the screen is insulation tape which helps prevents the screen moving against the fairing. I'd never noticed it before looking at this photo !
Note the sturdily mounted GPS RAM ball top left.

Accessory Switch gear and heated grips control


These pages relate to a bike which I owned, rode and serviced from when I bought it at 19,300 miles to when I sold it at 70,100 miles. The pages were intended to provide information to a prospective buyer, but are maintained here as information for anyone who may be interested.

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